Customisation makes your brand unforgettable

Create a closure as unique as your brand with the Vinolok™ Design Options


The best way to customise yor Vinolok is by printing which is available on Classic, Duet and Edge collections. Printing is possible on the top or from the side of the closure head, depending on model.


The Duet collection offers top and side lasering which allows branding with intricate precision while creating a distinctive burn effect.

Vinolok Design Lasering

Hot foil


3D Label

Colour coating

This customisation option plays with the colour of the closure. You can cover the Vinolok™ closure with transparent or opaque colours. The Edge collection also offers partial colour coating on the inner or outer walls of the closure.

Coloured sealing ring

The sealing ring can also be tinted any colour. You can choose from a predefined set of available colours or choose your very own colour from the Pantone palette.


Rhinestone cut

Vinolok™ Crown Cut

Crown cut

Zamac tumbler

The most luxurious design option for Vinolok™ Loft, because its deep interior space allows to insert a Zamac tumbler with a wide range of decoration options. The customized relief can be made inside, at the top or even outside the tumbler, where it can be seen through the glass wall of the closure. The Zamac tumbler comes in gold or silver.

Metal coating

The Vinolok™ closure can be coated with a gold or silver high gloss metal layer. Within the Edge collection we can also coat the inner part of the closure.

Metal sticker

Metal stickers can be placed on top of the Vinolok™ closure. Metal embossing can be combined with printing to achieve the premium look.

Jewellery stones

Matt efect

Vinolok Design - Metal Coin

Metal Coin

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