For the love of nature

Vinolok is committed to sustainability throughout the entire glass production and delivery process.

Vinolok Sustainability - Glass is the best


Glass is recognised around the world as not only the safest packaging for food and beverages, but also the most environmentally friendly. It can be recycled and refilled indefinitely without losing its clarity, purity or quality. This makes glass the archetype of sustainable packaging and, as such, it is usually the first choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Responsible sourcing

The glass closure is made from the best raw materials from local sources. Over 70 % of the materials for the batch comes from within 40 km of the glass furnace. Preparing the right mixture is essential to maintain 100% glass quality.

Vinolok Sustainability - Local sourcing


The glass closure is fully recyclable. Recycling glass reduces energy consumption and helps preserve natural resources, creating a sustainable cycle that benefits the environment and future generations.
Vinolok - Glass recycling

Current situation

Vinolok is a global champion of glass recycling, breathing new life into materials while reducing resource consumption and pollution. Recycled glass production reduces air pollution by 20%, water pollution by 50% and minimises landfill space, in line with circular economy principles to capture lost value and save raw materials, energy and carbon emissions.

Future plans

In accordance with a sustainable future, Vinolok is planning a comprehensive study by 2030, focusing on innovations in glass closure production, with a strong commitment to increasing recycled glass content for smaller environmental impact.


Upcycling reduces the overall environmental impact and contributes to a “green” mentality and more sustainable lifestyles overall.
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
The life cycle of a Vinolok™ glass closure could be unlimited. Upcycling means taking a product and turning it into something useful and often beautiful, which can happen with a glass closure and a bottle. In this way we can work together to support creativity and be friends of our planet.
Upcycling reduces the amount of materials and products sent to landfill. It also minimises the use of natural resources and raw materials. As a result, upcycling leaves a smaller footprint, reduces consumption, and minimises the impact on valuable resources such as fuel, forests, and water supplies.
Vinolok - Recycle glass


The carbon footprint provides a measure of a product’s environmental impact. By quantifying a product, we can understand its contribution to climate change and environmental degradation. By incorporating carbon footprint considerations, we can move towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Packaging and shipping

For Vinolok, product packaging and shipping is an integral part of a reliable and safe product. The 100% safe and hygienic product delivered to the customer is our priority at all times.


The cardboard box in which  closures are supplied is made from recycled material (68%) and is suitable for further recycling after use. The surface is made of primary fibre to ensure the packaging hygiene.


The trays, which hold the closures in place during transport, are made of triple-layer PET film. The inner layer, which accounts for 80% of the total blister thickness, is made from recycled PET material. The two outer layers are made from virgin PET material and meet food contact specifications. The entire tray is fully recyclable.


The pallets used for shipping the boxes with Vinolok™ closures are 100% reusable.

Quality is our core principle

One of Vinolok’s main objectives is to provide its customers with high quality products and services. Every single glass closure is subjected to a 100% quality control four times during the production process, and therefore Vinolok™ is a guarantee of a safely sealed beverage. In order to meet existing and future customer requirements for product quality and safety, Vinolok has implemented an Integrated Management System using modern management principles and international standards.

Responsible to our region and people

Nadace Preciosa logo
Since the creation of Vinolok, we have been part of the Preciosa Group and as such we actively participate in the activities of the Preciosa Foundation. Vinolok, as well as all the companies of the Preciosa Group, is based in the Crystal Valley with a strong commitment to loyalty and humility towards the region from which we come.

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