Because glass is the best

Check out why winemakers, spirits producers and other beverage manufacturers turn to the glass closure.

Preserve the taste

Sangiovese 2001 closed by Vinolok™ closure was still unbelievably young and 2004 vintage showed freshness, fruitiness and nice acidity, combined with beautiful matured notes. I strongly believe that Vinolok™ is the ideal closure for heavy, dense wines. – Franz Josef Loacker, Loacker winery, Italy


The Vinolok™ glass closure is different, it’s fresh and it’s elegant. The market is very enthusiastic about it. Since the closure is made of glass, it’s recyclable and that’s in keeping with our mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible. – Maria Stuart, R. Stuart & Co. Winery, USA

Premium quality

We are convinced of the quality of the Vinolok™ closures. For over 10 years we have been using Vinolok™ in our winery and we are always satisfied. We use these closures for our premium segment, thus achieving a clear structure within the quality pyramid.– Konstantin Gänz, Weingut Dr. Gänz, Germany


We tested various closure types and only Vinolok™ enabled us to complete the bottle packaging as we anticipated.
The closure’s design should always respect the appearance of our wine bottles.– Gérard Bertrand, Gérard Bertrand, France

Millions of happy customers

Have a look at reference books featuring some of our happy customers.


The high-quality closures from Vinolok™ complete the overall picture of MATS Premium Dry Gin with their uniqueness.– Marcel Tschampel, MATS Spirits, Germany


We had a vision of creating a new class of spirits. The bottle design should be pure and reduced to the essence of the spirit, yet have a connection with the exclusive wine labels. So we decided for a very minimalistic appearance with the Vinolok™ closure as a final touch. – Lupo Porschen, Craft Circus Manufactur, Germany


After all reflections and several experiments, our winery believes that it has identified an innovative type of closure that is not only technologically flawless, but more importantly, which gives consumers one more guarantee of our attention to the quality of the wine we produce. – Enzo Brezza, Azienda Agricola Brezza, Italy


 We discovered Vinolok™ in 2004. We were very impressed by the high quality finish of the glass closures and the environmental benefits. Also the quality of presentation, reliability and robustness of the glass closure make it an ideal closure. Red wine in a 750 ml bottle ages under Vinolok™ as if it were bottled in a large-format bottle, retaining its colour, aroma and structure for an extended period of time. – Stephen Henschke, Henschke winery, Australia

Unique. Exclusive. Inspiring.

Vinolok™ glass closure comes in three main collections.


The design does complement the overall look of the bottle. The clarity of the glass, the colour and the overall production value enhance our super premium packaging. Customers like the tactile nature of the closures, the weight and smoothness make them a very pleasurable item to handle. – Ian McCulloch, Silent Pool Distillers. UK

Increased value

Vinolok™ has contributed to the fame of our Prestige Rosé and improved awareness of our quality. Betting on Vinolok™ was a winner. Customers take the closure home along with the bottle, which means that they appreciate not only the quality of the product but also its stylish design. – Gérard Bru, Château Puech-Haut, France


Choosing Vinolok™ to seal our top premium red wine La Freixeneda allowed us to enhance our premium image while combining environmental awareness with reliable wine quality preservation. – Josep Buján, Freixenet Group, Spain

Natural aging

Vinolok™ makes sure that the wine is left to its natural process of aging and eliminates any external influences. This is a big advantage of Vinolok™, which we have been using since 2004.– Manfred Tement, Weingut Tement, Austria

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