The pure shape of this glass closure emphasizes the product characteristics

Vinolok Classic

The basic version of the Vinolok glass closure. Classic is available in clear and black glass and it comes in a low-top and a high-top version.

Vinolok Rosé

Vinolok Rosé is the perfect match for rosé wines as it is made from pink glass. It is available as a low-top only.

Vinolok Grande

Vinolok Grande is there when the Classic clear glass version is simply not enough. It fits well larger bottlenecks for spirits, bottled water and oils.

Vinolok Woody

A symbiosis of wood and glass, the traditional materials used for storing beverages. The wooden top comes in several colours and can be enhanced with embossing or hot foil stamping.

Vinolok Classic sizes

The Vinolok glass closure comes in sizes fitting bottlenecks of 17.5, 18.2, 18.5, 20.0, 21.5 and 23.0 mm.

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Customers from all around the world have been using the Vinolok glass closure for over a decade. Get some inspiration.

Design Options

Customisation makes your brand unforgettable. Here are the most frequently used modifications of the Vinolok Classic range.


sealing ring



Other Vinolok collections

Vinolok Edge

The Vinolok closure in a variety of creative shapes.

Vinolok Premium

The crème de la crème of the Vinolok closures.

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