Unique. Exclusive. Inspiring.

Vinolok glass closure comes in three collections.

Vinolok Classic

The original version of the glass closure.


The Vinolok closure in a variety of creative shapes.

Vinolok Premium

The crème de la crème of the Vinolok closures.

Vinolok is changing the way
the world thinks about closures

More and more winemakers and spirits producers choose Vinolok over other types
of closures. Find out how you can benefit from using the glass closure.

Absolutely no impact on aroma and flavour
100% recyclable, from natural materials
Amazing customisation and design options
Makes your brand or product unforgettable
Stable conditions after bottling
Easy opening and closing of the bottle

Vinolok Ego

Vinolok Ego are unique tailor-made glass closures that can be made according to the customer’s expectations, specifications, taste or even an existing product. The key is individuality and uniqueness that underline the exclusivity of the product. To learn more about this exclusive service, please contact our sales representative.

Vinolok closure in the media

Read a few articles about the Vinolok glass closure.

Better to see it with your own eyes

Order free samples of the Vinolok closures. For business and media only.

Customisation makes your brand memorable

Create a closure as unique as your brand with the Vinolok Design Options


Check out our packaging concepts for spirits, wine, water and olive oil that use various Vinolok closures
to give you inspiration on how to enhance your own product packaging.

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