Welcome to the future of bottle closures – where glass and wood form the perfect Duet.

Vinolok Block

Vinolok™ Block

Vinolok™ Block, formerly known as Woody (wooden top), is the original wood and glass closure. It features a solid wooden top seamlessly joined to a glass base. Vinolok™ Block is the perfect choice on bottles with tall mouth finish, adding a touch of elegance that can be enhanced with decorations such as printing, embossing, and laser engraving.

Vinolok Block

Vinolok™ Cone

The Vinolok™ Cone is made with a narrow diameter base that gradually widens upwards, creating the appearance of a cork nestled inside a bottle. With the added touch of top and side lasering, this closure takes on an extraordinary appeal. Framed by a conical wooden ring, the purity of the glass shines throughout the closure.

Vinolok™ Drum

Vinolok™ Drum is characterised by its distinctive rounded sides, making it a perfect fit for barrel-shaped bottles. Capturing the essence of a cask, this closure reflects the craftsmanship of spirit aging and the intricate flavour profiles achieved through barrel maturation. This legacy can be further enhanced by the use of top and side laser engraving.

Vinolok Loop
Vinolok Loop

Vinolok™ Loop

Vinolok™ Loop elegantly wraps the charm of glass in a wooden ring. Precise laser engraving on both the side and top of the closure creates a masterpiece that complements the finest spirits. The purity of glass shines throughout, framed by a loop-shaped wooden ring.

Vinolok™ Echo

Vinolok™ Echo features two identical pieces of wood that reflect harmoniously through a glass centre. Subtle decorations in the form of printing, laser engraving, embossing or hot foil imprint the character of your brand on the top.

Vinolok Lake
Vinolok Lake

Vinolok™ Lake

Vinolok™ Lake uses glass to reflect the charm of wood, just as a tranquil lake reflects its natural surroundings. The upper glass disc of the closure enhances the charisma of the wooden ring below. Its brilliance is further elevated by the addition of a print or metal sticker that decorates the centre of the glass.

Vinolok Hover

Vinolok™ Hover

The name Hover makes an indirect reference to nature, evoking the image of an object floating effortlessly, like a leaf or a petal gently floating in the air. The final touch of top printing, laser engraving, embossing or hot foil gives this closure a unique look.

Vinolok Hover

Vinolok™ Duet sizes

The Vinolok™ Duet closures come in sizes fitting bottlenecks of 18.5, 21.5 and 23.0 mm. Sizes 18.2 and 20.0 are available on request.

Vinolok Duet - Sizes

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Design Options

Customisation makes your brand unforgettable. Here are the most frequently used modifications of the Vinolok™ Duet range.

Vinolok Design Options Duet Top Printing


Vinolok Design Options Duet Top Laser


Vinolok Design Options Duet Top Hotfoil

Hot foil

Vinolok Design Options Duet Emboss


Other Vinolok™ collections

Vinolok Classic

Vinolok™ Classic

The original version of the glass closure

Vinolok Category Edge

Vinolok™ Edge

The Vinolok™ closure in a variety of creative shapes.

Vinolok™ Premium

The crème de la crème of the Vinolok™ closures.

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