When you want to give your packaging an edge with a more prestigious shape.

Vinolok Pool & Loft

Vinolok Pool and Vinolok Loft have been designed to offer the best possible integration with the Plate FA bottle finish. Their shape complements the shape of the bottle and their proportions are better suited for the shorter plate.

Vinolok Deco

Deco is an eye-catching shape reminiscent of the Art Deco period from which it takes its inspiring luxury, glamour, and exuberance.

Vinolok Terra

Terra adds a little twist to minimalist bottles. The terrace cuts inside the closure represent the stairs to heaven.

Vinolok Nest

The diameter at its bottom part is as small as possible to give the feeling of a cork going inside the bottle.

Vinolok Soul

Soul is the perfect choice to complete the “barrel bottleneck” which is typically used for dark spirits.

Vinolok Philos

Philos is designed to resemble the pharmaceutical jars while delivering presence, exclusivity and handcrafted quality. Suitable for 18.5 mm bottleneck.

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Customers for all around the world have been using the Vinolok glass closure for over a decade. Get some inspiration.

Design Options

Customisation makes your brand unforgettable. Here are the most frequently used modifications of the Vinolok Edge range.



Inner colour


Other Vinolok collections

Vinolok Classic

The original version of the glass closure

Vinolok Premium

The crème de la crème of the Vinolok closures.

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